How To Stand Out Against Competitors In 2020

Stand out against your competition today and rule the world tomorrow. Competition is on every street corner, whether you’re a carpet cleaner, window cleaner, or circus act there’s always going to be another company wanting to go head to head. It’s up to you to put in the work and structure your business appropriately to come out victorious, generating more leads for your business.

With more businesses than ever, especially within manual labor roles, it’s important to get a head start, more so if you’ve only been running for a few years. What better place to start than in the new year, 2020, a year of business, extreme goal setting, and going head to head with your competitors.

If we were to ask you right now to list the most important factors in success as a business, chances are you’d say something along the lines of:

  • Landing the most clients
  • Making the most money
  • Having as little overhead costs as possible

While these are certainly a factor in success as a business, no matter your size, there really is a lot more than meets the eye that we need to consider.

Therefore, we have put together this article. Here’s how to stand out against competitors in 2020.


Firstly, we need to review your past year

To stand out against competitors in 2020, we first need to review the past business year of 2019. We’re talking about sales figures, profit, gross profit, activity reports, and the number of new clients introduced and now working with your business.

Gathering this information together allows us to calculate where your money is going, how much money is being spent, profit the business has made in 2019, and most importantly opens up opportunities for improvement. Perhaps less money should be spent on one side of the business and more money directed to a system such as advertising?


Consistency is key

The same applies to all businesses, big or small, consistency is key. This includes opening hours, response times to email, invoices, and of course, branding – often an overlooked aspect when it comes to businesses.

If you don’t already know, branding is the design, terms, symbols, etc. which allows us to identify one particular business from other competitors. For example, think of the McDonalds golden arch or the Nike tick – these brands are distinct, with clients knowing exactly who they are and what service they provide.

Your business needs to be the same.

We’re not just talking logos either, you need to be consistent across branding within your emails, on your website, within your advertising, and how you present yourself to clients. The more consistent you are, the more recognizable and professional your business looks, ultimately generating further business leads.



If you’re not organized your business is going to fall apart, much like a bridge with little to no support. When we’re discussing organization, we’re referring to a broad spectrum of different aspects. This includes appointments with clients, daily agendas, what each staff member should be doing each day, and finally where your money is going.

Look at the greatest businesses out there, from Microsoft to Facebook, chances are you’ve never heard of an organizational error, a staff member missing a meeting or appointment or perhaps staff wandering around cluelessly complaining they have little to no work to do?

Your business needs to be the same, it’s all about organization and productivity.


Managing your financials

As a business, we know the importance of managing your financials. From paying your staff to receiving payment from clients, there’s a large room for error. This is why we recommend using a program such as Quickbooks, an accounting program developed for small to medium-sized businesses that account for business payments, the ability to manage and pay bills, invoices, and payroll functions.

Finally, as well as this the importance of providing a secure payment solution to clients is paramount. If you’re asking clients to walk three miles to pay at your local bus stop where ‘you get signal’ then chances are their going to run, and heck, who would blame them?

Therefore, in the new year if you haven’t already set up a secure payment solution we highly recommend doing so! Not only will this allow you to receive payment on the job, but it will also allow you to keep your books in check and well-organized.


Being time efficient

The most efficient businesses out there don’t spend hours on tedious tasks, so neither should you. Whether this is emails or payments, within many businesses there are select few staff members slowly considering to join fight club if you don’t do something soon!

We recommend investing in software that allows bulk actions to be processed, with payments and invoices being sent to multiple clients and likeminded businesses within the click of your fingers, freeing up staff members to do the jobs which really make a difference.


What if we told you we had a solution for all of this?

Well, what if we told you we had a solution for all of this? A solution to helping you stand out against competitors in 2020?

While there are actionable steps you can take to take the lead and get a head start within the year, you’re going to need a sustainable approach, the correct approach to getting ahead and staying ahead.


At Better, we have the solution, we can provide all of the above and more within our client designed and tailored software, incorporating the likes of consistent branding across all channels, not just on your shop front and website, organization across your entire business with notifications and scheduling easily monitored for all members of staff.

Whether you choose to work with us at Better or not, there are plenty of actionable, proven and backed up steps you can take to stand out against competitors in 2020, no matter your trade. Be smart, invest in the right systems and technology, research your competitors, and most importantly never give up on your business.