3 Tips to Keep Residential Cleaning Clients Coming Back

When starting a residential cleaning business, one of the biggest challenges franchisors and franchisees face is getting clients to use their service again. It is also one of the biggest goals for any franchise management.

Doing some simple tasks well can make a big impact in the flow of your business, repeat sales rate and overall profitability. Staying in contact with your clients and always offering good client service is important in ensuring they keep coming back. Of course, your services offered and quality of work will always benefit this goal. However, there will always be those random clients that you see very infrequently.

One of our team members Steve-O, our Director of Client Support, shared 3 tips that can help turn a one-time client into a lifelong one.

Gather your client’s info

Not only do you have to have the proper info on file to begin and complete the job, but this info is very important to maintain for future contact. Not having the proper information available when you need it is very frustrating and can cost you time and money.

Storing your client’s information helps you to know the problems the residence owner faces. This will ensure that you are prepared prior to their appointment and will help you easily solve their problems in a time-efficient manner.

It is one thing to collect your client’s information, but having somewhere to store it to easily access their data is essential. Using business or franchise system software can help with time-management and organization. Every client you have on file adds dollar value to your franchise business and showing that you know who they are and what they do will leave a lasting impression on them. By utilizing this tactic you are improving your client service skills, while increasing the likelihood that they will come back.




Always get the email

If you aren’t in the habit of regularly communicating and marketing to your clients via email, it is never too late to start getting clients emails to store on file. Email communication is mainstream, effective and very convenient for client support. For client management purposes, it should be your tool of preference when trying to get a hold of a wandering client.

This can be done by simply asking for a clients email address when you are cleaning their residence, or you can provide an incentive for clients to give their emails. For example, if you are doing a giveaway for a deep clean, getting people to enter their email address instead of a phone number will increase your email list substantially.




Be proactive

We know from experience that it isn’t always easy to find the time to chase clients. However, during those slow periods reaching out to clients whom you have not served in a while can be very profitable. This can be done by giving them a quick personal phone call, sending a brief email or even a text message.

This is an incredibly effective way to build your rapport and encourage loyalty with your commercial and residential cleaning service clients. You are also showing your clients that you care about them, greatly improving their client experience.

clients love that you are thinking of them; they love that you know their name and remember what they drive. It is a mistake to think your clients aren’t coming back because they no longer want to use residential house cleaning services or commercial cleaning services. Often clients are just busy and can’t find to book a cleaning, by reaching out to them you will improve your chances of earning their business.


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